July 7th 2012, 7 p.m. and
July 8th 2012, 6 p.m. at the Festspielhaus

Concertante Photo: Angela Sterling The Dutch love their ballet companies. Het Nationale Ballet is considered the pride of the Kingdom, a magnificent symbol abroad and a place of pilgrimage at home. This reverence is due largely to the great Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen, a man who has always avoided expressionistic free dance and choreographed theatre. Manen’s area was neo-classical dance – following in Balanchine’s footsteps – whereby the dance must use its own means to express the music. Nothing more.

A richness lies within this limitation – a richness which leads to Manen’s choreographies being adopted and performed all over the world. At this performance in the Festspielhaus we are privileged to witness something outstanding. The artist – long retired from the stage – will choreograph a premiere especially for us.

Black Cake Part 1 to music by P.I. Tchaikovsky (5’)
Trois Gnossiennes to music by E. Satie (7’)
Symphonieën der Nederlanden to music by L. Andriessen (13’)
Two Pieces for Het to music by E.S. Tüür /A. Pärt (12’)
Grand Fugue to music by L. v. Beethoven (24’)

Premiere for the Festspielhaus (10’)
Male variation 5 Tangos to music by A. Piazzolla (2’)
Two to music by F. Busoni (8’)
Solo to music by J. S. Bach (6’)
Black Cake Part 5 to music by J. Massenet (5’)

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