The Baden-Baden Theater – a fascinating building from all angles. From the outside, it enchants with its Belle Epoch exterior, similar to that of the Paris Opera, while on the inside, it enthralls with its modern, contrasting performances, which rekindle the times when the town truly was the ‘Summer Capital of Europe’. The Theater’s new manageress, Nicola May, has put together a season’s program of plays and works that will appeal to all theatrical tastes.

Theater Baden-Baden

Are you longing for a truly romantic wedding? And not, like all the others, in a Registry Office? If so, the Baden-Baden Theater is the perfect venue for you. The prestigious, naturally lit, Mirror Suite on the Theater’s first floor, provides the perfect setting. Contact the Baden-Baden Registry Office for further information.

Guided tours for groups can be arranged by telephoning in advance.

Theater Baden-Baden
Goetheplatz 1
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