Day Spa

Salina sea salt grotto

Who doesn't want to get away from everyday stress now and again and simply relax? Sometimes just such a day of relaxation means more than weeks of holidays. Especially when that day is solely for the purpose of rejuvenating the body and soul.

Salina Salzgrotte

Even in ancient times, the salutary effect of sea salts were known to have a positive effect on the skin, respiratory tracts and general well-being. «Sanus per salem» - health through using salts – was the motto of ancient times, comparable to the Kneipp therapy and holistic medicine of today. Although not totally forgotten over the years, the usage of sea salts is re-living a Renaissance today.

Since 1st June 2008 the Salina Baden-Baden, a subsidiary of the Medico & Vital Center, offers its guests a new therapeutic concept – the Salina Sea Salt Grotto – in combination with other individual, holistic therapies. The Salina Sea Salt Grotto, from Dead Sea and Himalayas salts, supports a micro-climate to strengthen the immunesystem while helping treat a number of disorders.

Salina Meersalzgrotte 
Im Ärztehaus Vincenti 
Sophienstr. 47 
76530 Baden-Baden
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