Caracalla Spa

The modern thermal bath: the Caracalla Spa. Spa paradise just outside the Black Forest.

The Caracalla Spa in the heart of town offers wellness in paradise. Relax in the thermal bath surrounded by elegant marble columns and immerse yourself in the turquoise blue water of the inside pool below the glass dome. Originating 2,000 metres underground, twelve beneficial hot springs ensure unforgettable bathing enjoyment in a space measuring just about 4,000 m2. Whether it’s romantic grottoes with hot and cold water, bubbly hot tubs, waterfalls, water currents or soothing massage jets, the modern thermal bath has it all. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll soon forget the world round you when you enjoy the hot and cold experience of the Roman sauna facilities.

The new, spacious Spectaculum infusion sauna offers enough space for up to 60 people and, with exceptional themed and experience infusions, ensures one-of-a-kind, unforgettable moments in the sauna. The new, modern steam room with alternating colourful lighting also invites you to sit back and relax.

A small secret tip: the early bird catches the worm, including in the paradise that is thermal baths. Enjoy this amazing bathing paradise in the early morning hours, beginning with a delicious spa breakfast on the sun-kissed terrace, for a much more relaxing start to your day.

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