A perfect day

A unique experience. The peak of exclusivity. The feeling of finding more than you were looking for. Baden-Baden’s multitude of fine shops offer a refined, adventurous and unconventional array of items – including some you’ll simply be craving for.


The whole world in one place

Baden-Baden’s cosmopolitan ambience is simply fascinating creating feel-good moments one after the other. For instance, why not savour a gourmet breakfast in one of the many charming cafés with their charismatic atmospheres. Is there a more enjoyable way to start the day? 

This will mark the dawn of a perfect day because Baden-Baden’s shopping experience now awaits – and Germany’s smallest global town certainly knows how to set its priorities!

Those who saunter along the bustling pedestrian precinct, amble down Baden-Baden’s fashion boulevard – the Sophienstraße or Lichtentaler Straße, view the small shops in the Kurhaus colonnade or search for something unusual in the Bäderviertel area (thermal baths quarter) or the Altstadt (old town), will be taken aback by the incredible depth in quality in the numerous boutiques, specialist shops and shopping arcades, and the fact that all this is on offer in such a small area and in such a lavish way.

Shopping in Baden-Baden
Shopping in Baden-Baden

International designer labels, precious jewels, trendy accessories, exquisite antiques, stylish galleries, fine wines and sweet temptations in our tradition cafés and chocolateries – those seeking the unmistakable and do not want go without the style, charm and quality, will enjoy roaming through the streets of Baden-Baden together with visitors from all over the world.

Whether it’s silk scarves and belts from Hermès, chic high-heels from Jimmy Choo, stylish bags from Prada and Gucci, fine cashmere, tailor-made clothes for men from Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna or Brioni, luxurious fashion from Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta or Roberto Cavalli, valuable watches including all luxury brands from Cartier to Chopard, legendary handcrafts from the Meissen porcelain factory, rare wines and investment pieces such as a bottle of Chateau Pétrus or the finest quality handmade shoes – the town of Baden-Baden, famous for its spas, culture, media institutions and its shops, cultivates the shopping experience, giving it a special touch that allows secret wishes to become true.

Shopping in Baden-Baden

See and be seen is in the meantime the wonderfully uncomplicated credo. Take a break and relax in one of the countless street cafés or in one of the many small squares reminiscent of Italian piazzas, and savour the Mediterranean ambience sitting under small lemon, palm and banana trees enjoying a latte macchiato or a light summer salad before continuing with the next step of the perfect shopping experience.

The sweetest traps for the "chocoholics" to get caught in are the "Confiserie Rumpelmayer" and "Café König". The former with their delightful chocolates and small biscuits, including their legendary Baden-Baden horse chestnuts, even has an effect on the waistlines of the passersby in Kurhaus colonnades, while a shopping trip without a slice of cake in "Café König" in the Lichtentaler Straße – a tradition Baden-Baden coffee shop voted the best café in Baden-Württemberg, is practically inconceivable. Temptation and allurement – they form a powerful duo in Baden-Baden, the town of tasty delights.

Shopping in Baden-Baden – relaxed, multifaceted and unmistakeable...