Cycling & Mountain Biking

Baden-Baden is a dream come true for all cycling fans. There are over 200 miles of tracks, through the town’s woodlands, just waiting for you to explore. Marked routes along the flat Rhine valley to those in the highest reaches of the Black Forest ensure there is something for everybody.

Mountain Biking

Even those of you who don’t wish to venture far will be thrilled with just cycling up and down the Lichtentaler Allee. The best thing to do is to get out of your car and straight on to your bike.

Depending on your schedule, mood and level of fitness, here are a small selection of favorite tours:

  • Easy: from the Fremersberg to the Yburg, or to the vantage point on top of the Schartenberg
  • Intermediate: from the Fremersberg to the Schwarzenbach dam (4 -5 Std.) (Schwarzenbachtalsperre); from the Merkur to the Battert Rock (1-2 Std.)
  • Difficult: to the peaks of the Baden-Badener Höhe and the Hornisgrinde (2,5 -5 Std.)