As Europe’s smallest metropolis and world-renowned spa and cultural town surrounded by the Northern Black Forest, Baden-Baden is always good for a surprise. How does an enjoyable Tour de Black Forest sound? The stretches are varied, exciting and alarmingly easy to peddle, the magic word being ‘e-biking’, an extremely relaxing activity for unadulterated enjoyment. Baden-Baden’s woodlands offer cyclists round 300 kilometres of paths.

Or you can you browse through the e-bike routes listed below and choose the right one for you.

E-Biking in Baden-Baden


In the footsteps of the margraves
Level: moderately difficult
Noblesse oblige – castles, palaces and parks – the margraves of Baden resided where it was most beautiful. We invite you to do the same ...

Level: moderately difficult The land of grapevines – sunny and enjoyable with plenty of views – no trip to Rebland would be complete without a glass of wine ...

Rhine ferry to Greffern
Level: easy
With just a pinch of savoir vivre – picnic on the banks of the Rhine? Or would you rather have a hearty tarte flambée in nearby Alsace? German-French moments on this and that side of the Rhine

Three castles
Level: difficult A taste of the Middle Ages – along with breathtaking views, incredible narrow passes, lush meadows, dense woods and fine wine ...

Black Forest firs
Level: difficult
Between Maultaschen (traditional German dumplings) and a waterfall – majestic firs, isolated meadows, rustic cabins and a raging waterfall – an unadulterated Black Forest experience ...