Battert circular trail

This walk features light to moderate inclines and starts at the Altes Schloss hiking information point. From here the path climbs up to the Ritterplatte vantage point which boasts a fantastic view. A dramatic, rock strewn landscape is then crossed before reaching the first of three huts, the Obere Batterthütte. After, the trail leads you past the Bergwachthütte and the Untere Batterthütte before returning along the Felsenweg path to the castle ruins of the Altes Schloss. A restaurant there offers you the chance to enjoy a post-walk break.

Distance: 2.8 km with slight to moderate inclines

Walking time: 90 minutes The starting point is the Altes Schloss hiking information point.

Altes Schloss Baden-Baden
Battertfelsen Baden-Baden