Oostal circular trail

This hike begins at the Gaisbach trail entrance. From the forest car park you come to the Querweg Bridge before you end up back at the forest car park. If you’d rather take a longer hike, simply follow the path that crosses Querweg Bridge into the unspoiled Hintere Oostal (a typical Black Forest valley) before you return to the starting point at the forest car park. Valley meadows with grazing Highland cattle are a special highlight particularly for children.

Oostal-Rundweg Baden-Baden

Distance of the first stretch: 3.7 km with moderate incline
Distance of the second stretch: total of 8.2 km with moderate incline

Hiking time: 1 hour and 30 minutes/2 hours and 30 minutes

The starting point at the Gaisbach forest car park is accessible with public transport – Oberbeuern bus stop (1 km walk).