Vorfeld circular trail

This hike along a beautiful mountain trail with only a gentle incline begins at the Plättig/Bühler Höhe forest car park. From Plättig, the route follows Vorfeldsträssle, past the Brautstein boulder and on to Herrenwieser Sattel. From there, you will continue past the Mittelfeldhütte cabin and then take Bersteinweg back to the starting point at Plättig. If you’d like to extend your hike briefly with an impressive view of the Black Forest, take a short detour from Herrenwieser Sattel to Badener Höhe at 1,000 m.

Badener Höhe
Badener Höhe

Distance: 6.1 km with gentle incline (with detour to Badener Höhe +3 km, with stretches of steep incline)

Hiking time: 2 hours

The starting point is the Plättig/Bühler Höhe forest car park, towards Freudenstadt.