Waterfall circular trail

The walk begins at the Geroldsau Waterfall hiking information point at the Bütthof woodland car park. From here the path leads you through the wild and romantic Bachtal valley with its shady woodland gorge to the Geroldsau Waterfall. In close proximity to the waterfall there’s the chance to stop for refreshments at the Bütthof woodland restaurant before returning to the starting point at the woodland car park.

Geroldsauer Wasserfall Baden-Baden

This trail is particularly popular with children as the path is narrow and leads over walkways and small bridges, and has no steep gradients. For adults and flower lovers the walk is especially worthwhile in June when the rhododendrons are in bloom.

Distance: 3 km with gentle inclines

Walking time: 1 hour at a leisurely pace The starting point at the Bütthof woodland car park (Waldparkplatz Bütthof) can be reached with public transport.