High Ropes Course (only for team trainings)

An all-round challenge, all round the year.

Situated in the seclusion of the town’s woodlands, this outdoor training course is the ideal place for building and strengthening team spirit. If you pass the test, you will be able to cope with anything that daily life throws at you.

You will experience both a tense and a relaxing time at this aerial assault course in Baden-Baden. Dangling over ravines, balancing on wire and hurtling head first towards the ground is all part of this experience. You will find out that your own personal success is as much in your partner and team’s hands, as your own. And although things may seem rather daunting to start with, you will be surprised how well you perform in the exercises to test your self-confidence.

Ralf Bauer im Hochseilgarten Baden-Baden

Safety comes first here. With redundancy across the board, added safety through a partner and the assistance of specially trained rope course trainers, you have the opportunity to undergo a variety of tasks and obstacles step by step. It’s all about teamwork, a solutions-oriented approach and personal achievement, based on self-confidence, flexibility and the willingness to take a risk. All courses are carried out, monitored and accompanied by experienced, specially trained trainers.