Hits for kids

Even your little ones can be king for a day in Baden-Baden. There’s no time to be bored!

Games, books and CDs for children. And if it should rain ...

… you and your little ones can spend a few hours browsing the town library. Lots of games, a wide variety of books and great CDs are just waiting to be discovered by the young and young at heart. The town library offers a special rental service for kids. You can find detailed information at the town library.

Baden-Baden Events GmbH offers a whole host of events for children of all ages at Kurhaus Baden-Baden. You can find further information about the children’s programme and the raBADz event series here.

Toccarion – exploring music for children and young people

Foto: manolo press / Michael Bode

The Festspielhaus offers young guests the opportunity to meet great artists and has collaborated with the Sigmund Kiener Foundation to create the Toccarion, a highly innovative Musical World for Children.

Further information on www.toccarion.de 

New children’s audio guide for Museum Frieder Burda

Museum Frieder Burda

Since 3 April 2015, Museum Frieder Burda has been offering kids aged six to ten a children’s audio guide featuring character voices free of charge: ‘Art agents investigate at Museum Frieder Burda’

marotte-Figurentheater (marionette and puppet theatre)


Established in 1987, marotte-Figurentheater has a permanent stage in Karlsruhe, where it performs approximately 300 children’s and evening programmes every year, in addition to appearances throughout the rest of Germany and Europe. Generations of children have and have had their first theatre experiences with marotte-Figurentheater’s performances for children. But the evening performances are becoming more and more popular too.

marotte-Figurentheater boasts an extensive variety of performance media and a varied repertoire, ranging from traditional fairy tales and theatrical versions of modern children’s books to experimental pieces. A whole host of figure types are used, including hand puppets, tabletop figurines, shadow puppets, marionettes and other objects.

Further information available at www.marotte-figurentheater.de