Altes Dampfbad - Old Steam Bath

The old Pump Rooms and the Steam Bath from the east, around 1850; On the right is the entrance to the Hall of Antiques, lithography around 1830

Built 1846 – 1848
Architect Heinrich Hübsch (1795 – 1863)

Construction of the Old Steam Bath commenced in 1846. It was built over a thermal spring in the style of a Tuscan country house. The Hall of Antiques, the first museum in Baden-Baden, stood on this spot before then. The new building contained cabinets for steam baths and an inhalation room. In 1864/65 a two-storey apse with large windows was added to the narrow side on the east and used as a solarium. The Old Steam Bath lost its original function with the opening of the Friedrichsbad in 1877.

The only reminder of its earlier use today is the original spring on the ground floor. The building is used as an exhibition centre, and is also home to the Friends of Young Art association.

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