Friedrichsbad – bathing palace

View from the Castle Garden of the northern wing of the Friedrichsbad, around 1960; The north side of the Old Pump Room with "Stiftskirche" (the Collegiate Church) in the background, around 1870

Built 1869 – 1877
Architect Carl Dernfeld (1831 – 1879)

Between 1869 and 1877, a monumental bathing palace in the style of the Italian High Renaissance was built on the site of a demolished old town quarter, close to the thermal spas.

Because of the steep slope, the building had to be divided into three separate architectural units of staggered height. The highest one, the northern wing, was accessible from the market square. It contained what was known as the "Fürstenbäder" (the Royal Baths), luxurious individual baths with a salon for wealthy guests who did not want to use the large common baths.

This part of the Friedrichsbad stands where the old Pump Room, built by Friedrich Weinbrenner in 1823/24, used to stand. It was demolished when the spa was built in 1871.

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