Monastery church and monastery “zum Heiligen Grab”

Monastery church, inside view to the choir; Monastery and church before renovation around 1890

Construction  1687 / 1689

Through the nuns “zum Heiligen Graben” in Baden-Baden, Margrave Leopold Wilhelm and his wife Maria Franziska had a monastery founded in 1670 whose role, amongst other things, was the education of girls. The monastery which was built in 1687 / 1689 was destroyed in the town fire in 1689, however, the monastery church survived. Its façade is influenced by neo-baroque changes which took place in 1895. The 18th century buildings enclose an inner courtyard, which holds a 16th-century Renaissance well. It makes up the last remains of a bathing inn once run at this place.

In 2001, the monastery was closed down. Since then, the buildings have solely been used as a school.

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