Stourdza Chapel

Die Stourdza-Kapelle im Bau. Mit dem Kuhfuhrwerk werden die Säulen angefahren, um 1865; Innenansicht mit Blick auf den Chor und die Ikonostase, um 1960

Construction 1864–1866
Architect Leo von Klenze (1784–1864)

Prince Michael Stourdza (1794–1884), former ruler of the Moldau principality, had the chapel built as a final resting place for his family. According to the plans of architect Leo von Klenze, the chapel was built in the late neoclassical style. The prince’s burial chapel features a cubed construction, with white, red and yellow sandstone branding on the outer walls. The once gold-plated dome roof is crowned by one of the lanterns designed to illuminate. The chapel entrance is located on a porch supported by four ionic columns. The interior is adorned with many pictures, frescoes and sculptures.

The church was consecrated again in 2002 following extensive repair work. Romanian Orthodox services are now held here.