Stourdza Chapel

What you will discover amidst the magnificent trees on the rolling slopes of the Michaelsberg, is, quite simply, a little gem.

Stourdza Kapelle

The Stourdza Chapel (1863-1866), a creation of Munich’s renowned master builder, Leo von Klenzes, was built in honor of the House of Stourdza, Moldavia’s last ruling family. From here, the view of the town is breathtaking, but it is even more spectacular in the springtime, when Baden-Baden’s Mediterranean-like charm is in full bloom.

This impressive Rumanian Orthodox Chapel is constructed from white, red and brown sandstone. The porch way is supported by four Ionic columns and the chapel’s dome is crowned with an Orthodox cross. Inside the chapel, a feeling of oriental grandeur is generated, due to the Iconostas, the frescoes around the altar and the high domed ceiling.

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