Alt Eberstein Castle Ruins

It’s as if the Alt-Eberstein Castle ruins, which overlook the village of Ebersteinburg, were built especially for you!

Once the home of the Graf of Eberstein and later the Margrave of Baden, it is now the perfect place for a short outing. While you are here, make sure you climb the tower. Once you see the view from the top, overlooking Baden-Baden and the Rhine Valley, you’ll know why. If you are not already completely spellbound by Baden-Baden, you will be now!

Reaching the castle ruins is easy. If you are coming by car, you can park directly in front of the castle, passing through the picturesque narrow lanes of the village of Ebersteinburg on the way. Or, if you are on foot, there are numerous marked paths from the Altes Schloss, or from the slopes of the Merkur, over to the castle.

Burg Alt Eberstein
Rosenstraße 50
76530 Baden-Baden