Luchspfad nature trail

Luchspfad Baden-Baden

The return of the lynx (Luchs in the German) is making headway: evidence is continually being found and isolated sightings of individual, migratory animals are being recorded. It may be quite some time however, before a permanent population has re-established itself in the Black Forest. A lynx’s territory spans up to 100 square kilometres - the Northern Black Forest is well suited as a habitat for this shy wildcat as the area has large expanses of connected woodlands. The initiators of what is Germany’s first lynx path are the municipality of Baden-Baden and Nabu Baden-Württemberg, the state’s nature conservation association.

Opened in July 2009, the Luchspfad Lynx trail weaves its way through woodlands in which the lynx would feel at home. Approximately 4 km long, the path is a natural adventure for everyone who enjoys walking. Families with children are particularly addressed thanks to the numerous activities and the entertaining layout.

Luchspfad Baden-Baden

This nature trail will have you prowling, peaking and pricking your ears just like a lynx as you are led along winding paths and over rocks and narrow bridges through Baden-Baden’s municipal forest. 20 interactive stations turn the Luchspfad nature trail into an exciting experience. All the senses are addressed: children can observe, listen, prowl, jump and use their guessing skills. Adults can look forward to the largely unspoilt nature, reading the information boards with short, uncompleted texts and helping their children with the quiz. Highlights include telescopes with views of possible prey animals, an ear trumpet with animal calls and a long and high jump area. Approximately halfway round, you will find a large rest area with seating and playing facilities. In the new Luchspfad Info Centre visitors can learn everything they need to know about this wildcat which was eradicated from the Black Forest landscape around 200 years ago. You can even gain a Lynx Diploma.

Luchspfad Baden-Baden

The Luchspfad nature trail will take you along narrow pathways and occasionally away from the beaten track. An estimated 4 hours is required to complete the 4 km loop including a rest period. A certain degree of physical fitness and sturdy footwear are required. The pathway is not negotiable with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

The starting point is the car park on the B500 road close to Hotel Plättig and the Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe where the Wildnispfad trail also begins. Several buses on bus route 245 from Baden-Baden to Mummelsee run each day. Alight at the Bühlerhöhe/Plättig bus stop. The Luchspfad is open the entire year. Accessing the path is however prohibited during strong winds or snow.

Admission is free of charge. A cash box can however be found at the information hut for those wishing to make a donation to the path’s upkeep.