Mehliskopf Bob-Bahn

This will get anybody's heart pumping!

Fun and thrills are the order of the day at FREIZEIT- und SPORT-ZENTRUM-Mehliskopf: year-round alpine coaster, downhill three-wheelers, adventure climbing park, bungee trampoline, hiking, adventure playground, mountain biking, archery, ski and snowboard lifts, and a whole lot more.

Over a kilometre in length, the year-round alpine coaster relies on gravity and an average gradient of 8% to send derailment-proof bobsleigh-like cars whizzing down the hill. The driver is able to control the speed of the car, which seats two people one behind the other, using the individually operated brakes. The coaster features eleven hairpin turns and several jumps (vertical curves), with passengers safely buckled in during the ride. Rain hoods are available to ensure unadulterated fun regardless of the weather.

One of the longest pistes in the Black Forest is over 900 metres in length, situated on the 1,000-metre Mehliskopf Mountain along Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. Winter operation begins as soon as the temperatures are cold enough for it to snow or there’s a natural blanket of snow. The winter season usually begins in November or December and ends in March or April.  In a space measuring approximately 3.5 hectares, you can climb from tree to tree at a height of 3 to 14 metres in seven courses with various difficulty levels. An adventure woodland playground was built in 2007 with water play area, treehouse, ‘Tarzan’ bridge and flying fox, rope elements and anchors. A teaching and instruction path has been built on the ground of the adventure climbing park, highlighting other attractions in the region. You’re given detailed instructions and a climbing set with belt and helmet. A steel guiding rope accompanies you at all times. On the bungee trampoline, you wear a belt connected to two bungee ropes. By jumping on the trampoline, you can defy gravity and shoot into the air, for unadulterated fun all year round.

With special three-wheelers called ‘bullcarts’, you can race down the designated track, as with the alpine coaster, drawn by gravity.

During the summer months, archery is offered and requires preregistration and mountain bikes can be hired on request. FREIZEIT- und SPORT-ZENTRUM-Mehliskopf is located just off Schwarzwaldhochstrasse near Sand, approximately 15 kilometres from Baden-Baden.


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