Vogtsbauernhof outdoor museum (Gutach)


The outdoor Black Forest museum in Gutach breathes new life into the cultural history of the entire rural Black Forest of the past 400 years. Measuring 5 hectares, the grounds feature six impressive Black Forest farms from the 16th to 18th centuries, a day labourer’s cottage from 1819, a retirement house, storehouse, bakery and distillery, five mills and sawmills. The everyday activities of Black Forest farmers come to life in the soot-blackened kitchens of the chimney-free houses and in the authentically furnished living spaces and bedrooms.

Handmade work equipment, handcarts and hay sledges are a testament to just how demanding everyday life was for farmers. Tools such as broadaxes, wood drills, shaving horses, drawknives, lasts and awls demonstrate the artistic tradition of craftsmanship practised by the carpenters, cartwrights, woodcarvers, shoemakers and basket makers in the Black Forest. Colourful farm gardens, fields with historical crops and a unique herb garden with more than 130 medicinal plants reflect the diversity of plant life as the seasons change. Visitors to the Vogtsbauernhof outdoor museum experience unrivalled friendliness upon entering the 1,000 m² reception and exhibition building made of silver fir: here you will find a spacious foyer with cash till and information area, a museum shop with a carefully selected range of products, an educational activity room and a museum restaurant with a comprehensive selection of regional delicacies.

Further information available at www.vogtsbauernhof.de