Wildnispfad hiking trail (Baden-Baden)

The new Wildnispfad hiking trail along Plättig (in Schwarzwaldhochstrasse towards Bühlerhöhe) is a unique experience for everyone who wants to discover and experience forest wildlife. The 4.5 km Wildnispfad hiking trail leads through 70 hectares of uprooted trees in an area of forest destroyed by the Lothar hurricane in 1999.

Wildnispfad Baden-Baden

Listen to the sounds of nature in the ‘beech cathedral’ and enjoy the music of the forest in the fairy tale meadow or on the lightning tree. NB: Unfortunately, Adlerhorst, the attractive suspension bridge through the canopy, is closed for the foreseeable future.

The Black Forest National Park offers guided hikes along the Wildnispfad hiking trail in Baden-Baden, provided by national park rangers. This hike requires good shoes, sturdy, tear-resistant clothing, a certain degree of physical fitness and agility.

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