Yburg Castle

Breathtaking view, refreshments and lots of history and stories.

The powerful Yburg Castle towers over the land with pride, grandeur and confidence, visible from afar. Situated at the summit of the 539 m Yberg Mountain, this popular tourist destination is a landmark for Rebland and the districts of Steinbach, Neuweier and Varnhalt.

Yburg im Baden-Badener Rebland

Whilst the beginnings of Yburg Castle are still shrouded in the mists of time to this day, there is evidence that the Margraves of Baden were the ones who built the castle, which was first documented in 1245. Visitors can now learn why the castle was so important over the centuries: the view from the reconstructed tower is nothing short of phenomenal, with the Black Forest and Rhine Valley combining to create an unbelievable backdrop. Whilst the view once played an important role strategically, the panorama is simply a treat for the eyes today, making the short but demanding climb well worthwhile.

Yburg im Baden-Badener Rebland

The centuries-old lime trees in the old courtyard create an unbelievably romantic atmosphere, topped only by the traditional castle restaurant, which knows how to take advantage of this ambience. With naturally cloudy beer from the cellar, the best wines from the surrounding, sun-drenched regions and cake from the castle bakery, you could easily forget time altogether ...

Yburg im Baden-Badener Rebland
Yburg im Baden-Badener Rebland

Did you know that ...

… black magic and alchemy were practised at the castle? At least that’s what a certain Eduard Fortunat claimed, who in 1594 fled to Yburg Castle to evade his adversary Ernest Frederick of Baden-Durlach. It’s said that he devoted himself to black magic there and, with the aid of two alchemists from Italy, attempted to create gold. When this didn’t work, he counterfeited coins and put them into circulation – but not even this can be proven … Black magic or not – it’s just about impossible to resist the unique magic of the castle, particularly when you’re on the observation terrace of the castle restaurant, with a phenomenal panoramic view of the Black Forest and Rhine Valley.

‘Y’ is for ‘yew’ ... or how Yburg Castle got its name

Have you ever wondered where the unusual name Yburg comes from? After all, the letter ‘Y’ isn’t exactly the most common letter in the alphabet. The ‘Y’ in front of ‘burg’ (‘castle’ in English) goes back to its exposed location on the mountain (‘Berg’ in German) with a ‘Y’ in front of it: Yberg. And Yberg Mountain used to be called ‘Eibenberg’ (Yew Mountain), due to the coniferous trees that still surround Yberg Mountain to this day. At that time, however, the yew was called ‘iwe’ in German and subsequently ‘Iberc’. From 1510 the names became ‘Yberg’ for the mountain and ‘Yburg’ for the castle. Did you know that yews are Europe’s oldest and most shade-resistant trees? In Germany they’re also listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and were named Tree of the Year in 1994 and Poisonous Plant of the Year in 2011 ...

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