International Classic Car Meeting Baden-Baden

Since 1976, Baden-Baden has been the meeting place for classic car friends and automobile enthusiasts from all over Europe.

Internationales Oldtimer-Meeting

Baden-Baden, the famous bath and spa city at the foot of the Black Forest is not only sophisticated - at certain times it can be exceptionally hip, pleasantly youthful while remaining non-conformist and absolutely trendy.

For instance, at the annual Classic Car meeting from July 7 - 9, a bustling and nostalgic garden party between Kurpark and Lichtentaler Allee, with over three hundred chrome sparkling classic cars in the spotlight. This highly traditional open-air session is far from old hat - as the newest hat creations from Baden-Baden hat designer Olivier Maugé demonstrate during the fashion show at the Trinkhalle on Saturday.

Internationales Oldtimer-Meeting Baden-Baden
Internationales Oldtimer-Meeting

2017 marks the 41st year of the international Classic Car Meeting. Over 400 vehicles from 9 decades will be presented to over 20,000 visitors in the spa city on the Oos River.

The 120 most beautiful vehicles will be awarded prizes in the magnificent park. Visitors can look forward to exciting and rare vehicles.

Classic cars of all makes and models manufactured before 1970 can participate. From small oldtimers to large luxury limousines, the entire spectrum of automobile history is presented.

International Classic Car Meeting Baden-Baden
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